Technology Consultant and support

Expert and consultant for Product design, Process design, Hygiene design, GMP, Technical risk assessment, HAZOPE, and Regulatory.

Field of Company

Scope of technical consultant and support

. Main points of technical consultant and support:

·     GMP (Good Manufacturing Packets):

o  Technical consultant and support to make factory ready to get license of FDA and Standard organization as per the GMP.

·     Formulation and Process designs for personal care and home care products:

o  Technical consultant and support of formulation and process designs for personal care and hope care operation making and packing with conducting appraisal test, products Stability for personal care and home care products.

·     Lead capability trials, prepare trial reports:

o  To Lead capability trials, prepare trial reports and ensure that technical changes and process handed over to Factory stuff across technical functions.

·     Doing SWOT analysis:

o  Technical consultant, support and training of SWOT analysis across technical functions for factories.

·     Doing TRA, HASOP and PHA:

o  Technical risk assessments, HASOP and PHA for new projects or upgradations.

·     Market test of product and do investigation issues with RCA:

o  Technical consultant for consumer complaint and conducting products Market test” with report and do investigation for RCA of quality issue or complaints.

·     Troubleshooting to factory for technical issues:

o  Giving support (Troubleshooting) to factory for technical issues in production.

·      Giving Saving Studies (formula & process) for Factories.

·     Giving studies for sustainability and zero waste of materials for factories.

·     Giving regulatory consultant & support:

·     Giving Technical Training:

o  Giving support Training to all operation Stuff across function for (Production, R&D, QA, Engineering, Planning, Warehouse, and cost control team).


Market samples Analysis

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